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EDILIC Association Goals and Philosophy

The EDiLiC Association aims to promote and facilitate the dissemination of the pedagogical approach called Awakening to Languages (also know as Language Awareness), including the dissemination of plurilingual pedagogical approaches, such as integrated didactics approaches to different languages, the intercomprehension of related languages and the intercultural approach. 

To reach this goal: 

  • EDILIC support the implementation of plurilingual projects at varyious levels, including; research, teacher training, curriculum development, creation of didactic resources, information provided to parents and the general public, interventions with local educational authorities, as well as national and international educational authorities. 

  • EDILIC encourages interactions between various stakeholders involved in education such as teachers, teacher trainers, researchers…

  • EDILIC contributes to the dissemination of research and the reflection on common issues related to plurilingual education.

  • Within its capacity, EDILIC develops procedures and materials to be used in the classroom and for teacher training, as well as the dissemination of these resources

  • EDILIC promotes and organizes actions that help to train educators or support their initiatives.

  • EDILIC supports the development of persuasive arguments intended for decision makers that are responsive to various educational contexts 

  • At a national level, EDILIC establishes bridges between various initiatives undertaken in a number of countries

  • EDILIC promotes the development of national and regional organizations that are committed to pursuing its goals

  • EDILIC maintains positive and cooperative relationships with organizations that have similar objectives

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