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Additional materials

BILEM – Bilinguisme en maternelle (Université de Besançon)

Un site de ressources pour l’accueil des élèves allophones en maternelle


CAREL (Centre d’apprentissages et de ressources pour une éducation aux langues, Université de Strasbourg)


Guide pédagogique « Kamishibaï plurilingue : de la crétation à la mise en œuvre » (projet Erasmus+Kamilala)


Guides pédagogiques et informatifs du Service national de la jeunesse (Luxembourg) : 



Guide pédagogique « Guide d’initiation aux approches plurilingues » (Ministère de l’Éducation de l’Ontario, Canada)


Vidéo de présentation du guide :



ScribJab is a multilingual tool for creating and sharing digital stories in 2 different languages

Access the Website

Je suis plurilingue! I am plurilingual !

This Website showcases creative plurilingual work that students, along with their teachers and family engaged in, in Toronto (Canada) and Montpellier and Sète (France)

Access the Website

Other pluralistic approaches

  • Various approaches


Educational materials from the FREPA database (Reference framework for pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures, ECML, Council of Europe)

See the website


  • Integrated didactics


Activities for teaching German after English

collection of websites and activities produced by teachers, compilation on the Rennes Academy website.

See the website  


Brücken zwischen Explorers und Envol, German-speaking Switzerland

See the website

Brücken zwischen Young World und envol - Anregungen, German-speaking Switzerland

See the website  

Complementary brochure:  See the website  (* link temporarily inaccessible)


Deutsch ist easy - Methodische Grundlagen für Deutsch nach Englisch, German after English, Kursiša, A. & Neuner, G., Ismaning: Hueber.

ELAN (School and National Languages in Africa).

Joint use of African languages and the French language in primary education through a “bi-plurilingual” approach.

See the website   


Good + gut = ottimo

Ein Modul für die ersten 30 Unterrichtsstunden Deutsch als 2. Fremdsprache an Italienischen Schulen, Berger MC, Curci AM., Gasparro A.  Milano, Goethe Institut Inter Nationes


Gramática! de la lengua española , Dorn, R., Navarro Gonzalez, J., Strathmann, J., Stuttgart: Klett Verlag.

Lingue a confronto, Curci, AM, E. Mineni, M. Rainoldi,, in E. Asnaghi, C. Manzo, Grammatica con metodo, CEDAM scuola 2009.

See the website

Thousand sheets

teaching French taking advantage of the principles of integrated didactics, Schulverlag plus AG.

See the website  

PlurCur - Plurilingual whole school curricula, institution gobal curriculum.

See the website  


Sprachen entdecken - Sprachen vergleichen

Kopiervorlagen zum sprachenübergreifenden Lernen Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Russisch, Latein, materials for integrated didactics in Germany involving English, French, Russian and Latin, Ursula Behr (ed.), Berlin: Cornelsen.


Übungsvorschläge für deutsch nach englisch

Online exercises for German after English, Italy.

See the website


  • Didactics of Intercomprehension


For the  school-aged learners



Intercomprehension between six Romance languages and teaching of scientific subjects, for pupils from 8 to 11 years old.

See the website


Roman routes

Cartoons accompanied by didactic activities in six Romance languages, for young people from 9 to 13 years old.

See the website  



Repository of plurilingual communication skills in intercomprehension, also provides indications of existing material resources (sites, teaching materials).

See the website


Some other materials for the teaching of intercomprehension


Eurom 5

learn to understand four other Romance languages from a known language (Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and French), information on the manual and accompanying materials.

See the website


Organization of thematic intercomprehension sessions between groups of distant participants with advanced skills (level B2) in a Romance language (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and Catalan).

See the website


Romanica Intercom

Learn to read simultaneously in four new Romance languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian or French).

See the website  


Eurocom on line

Romanische Sprachen sofort lesen können - Be able to read romance languages immediately, Romance languages, Germany.

See the website



Intercomprehension between Germanic languages.

See the website  


European Awareness and Intercomprehension

Coming from a European project, this site offers to book a hotel in German, English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish or Turkish.

See the website  


  • Intercultural  - mobility


Dating autobiography  intercultural policies, Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe

See the pdf  


PluriMobil - Mobility programs for sustainable plurilingual and intercultural learning, ECML project, Council of Europe

See the website


All different - all equal

Educational kit, Ideas, resources, methods and activities for informal intercultural education with adults and young people, Directorate of Youth and Sport, Council of Europe.

See the website  


Intercultural Education in the Primary School - guidelines for schools, National Council For Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), Ireland .

See the website


  • Activities focused on the language of schooling


Marille –Majority language instruction as basis for plurilingual education, ECML project, Council of Europe.

See the website


Maledive - Diversity in majority language learning, ECML project, Council of Europe

See the website

  • Pluralistic approaches and teaching of a subject

Conbat +

Teaching a subject through the integration of a foreign language and plurilingual and pluricultural awareness, ECML project, Council of Europe.

See the website


Plurilingual videos for teaching math, chemistry, physics, biology ... videos available in  Tigrigna, Arabic, French,  english, dari ...

See the website

  • Teacher training

LEA  - Language and Education For plurilingualism 

The plurilingual and pluricultural dimension in the training of language teachers, ECML project, Council of Europe.

See the website  


REFDIC - Repository of competences in didactics of intercomprehension

Teacher training repository in the field of intercomprehension, also provides indications of existing material resources (sites, teaching and training materials).

See the website  


Teach intercomprehension in Romance languages to a young audience

"CLOM" (open and massive online course), International Organization of La Francophonie.

See the website 

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Autres approches plurielles
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