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All Languages at School !

The EDiLiC International Association aims to promote an innovative pedagogical approach called Awakening to Language/ Language Awareness. Awakening to Language does not focus on the teaching of one particular language. Rather, it is the active discovery of the vast diversity of languages around the world: languages of all countries, linguistic diversity in a particular region, home languages, etc.


Awakening to Language/ Language Awareness is an approach that can be adapted to all subject areas and types of classes, linguistically homogeneous or not, from as early as pre-school! Students develop positive attitudes towards the linguistic and cultural diversity of the world in which they live, as well as the desire to learn various languages. They acquire knowledge and skills related to language learning (listening, observation…). These skills are valuable in all learning environments, including in the language of instruction. For linguistically heterogeneous classes, Awakening to Language can be an effective tool used to take into account the languages spoken by students. 


Awakening to Language builds on pedagogical work initiated by Eric Hawkins and carried out in Great Britain during the 80’s: LANGUAGE AWARENESS. The Evlang program, supported by the European Union, has developed the approach in a number of countries. Other programs, both in and outside of Europe, continue these efforts, so that we now have a consistent theoretical framework and a large body of pedagogical materials and resources.


The EDiLiC International Association was created in 2001 by partners involved with the Evlang program. EDILIC welcomes anyone wishing to contribute to the development of Awakening to Language/ Language Awareness approach, and more widely, other pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures. 


Educators such as teachers and instructors, researchers, innovators, parents, citizens invested in the state of education, all are welcome to join ...

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