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Awakening to Languages

Pedagogical Resources

*** Excluded from this section are online materials found under the heading "Tools - Online Tools" ***

Andrade, AI & Martins (F.) (Dir.) (2007). To approach as línguas, to integrate to diversidade our primeiros anos de escolaridade. Aveiro: Universidade de Aveiro. [Cadernos do LALE - Propostas Series, N ° 3]

Auger, N. (2005a), Let's compare our languages, a process for learning French with new children, CNDP Editions, Multimedia Training Resources collection, production: CRDP Languedoc-Roussillon, CDDP du Gard, DVD (26 min), guide educational, 15 pages.

Baladová, G., Fenclová, M., Sladkovská, K., Supíková, M., Šlezingrová, K., Oomen-Welke, I. (2007) Jazyková propedeutika pro učitele 1. stupně ZŠ. Praha, VÚP. ISBN 978-80-87000-14-4.

Collective (2008). Twenty language awareness activities for basic education in the French Community of Belgium. Brussels: French Community of Belgium, AGERS, General Service for the Steering of the Education System.

[ ]


Der Sprachenfächer (see )


Fenclová, M. (2005) Jazykové probuzení. Jazyková přípravka pro základní školu. Principy has aplikace. Praha. UK v Praze, Pedagogická fakulta. ISBN 80-7290-227-X.

Investigating Languages (Level 1 and 2) (2005). Coventry LEA & Progressive Educational Tools Ltd. [ ]

Jonckheere, S., De Doncker, H. & De Smedt, H. (2008). Talen op een kier. Talensensibilisering in het basisonderwijs. Mechelen: Plantyn.

Kervran, M. (Dir.) (2006). The languages of the world on a daily basis - Reflective observation of languages in cycle 2 / cycle 3. CRDP de Rennes. [ ]

KIESEL Materialien (see: )

Perregaux, C, de Goumoëns, Cl., Jeannot, D. & de Pietro, J.-F. (Dir.) (2003). Language education and Language awareness at school (EOLE). Neuchâtel, General Secretariat of the CIIP, 2 volumes. []

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