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Internal regulations of the Portugal-Galicia section
Anexo 3 des Estatutos da Asociación Edilic


A cross-border section Portugal-Galicia da Asociación EDiLiC (Educación e Diversidade Lingüística e Cultural) ten o seguinte nome Educación para a diversidade lingüística e cultural - EduDiLC


This section is as finalized as ever, in Portugal and Galicia, we do not intend to persist with the defined objectives under the 2nd Article of the Association EDiLiC. Therefore, in this section, the mission disclosed, in Portugal and Galicia, as information relating to the activity of the association, is subject to the availability of available media, as it is explained in Article 4 of the status of the association.


We can serve as members of the EduDiLC section of all EDiLiC society members who have a professional activity linked to Portugal and/or Galicia, which is compromised by the valorization of linguistic and cultural diversity, and participates in some of the decisions relating to the election of those responsible, activities. e financing.

The activities of the EduDiLC section are coordinated by a committee of 3 to 5 members. An integral committee requires a President, a secretary, a supervisor, responsible for the management of financial claims. May be one or two vice-presidents. A committee representative and member of the International EDiLiC Association will be its president and/or vice-president(s).

Democratic function

The election of the Commission takes place as a meeting of the Assembly of members of the EduDiLC section, in person and/or remotely, where it must be held every two years, at least in advance of the realization of the International Congress of the EDiLiC Association.

O/a President may be dismissed by petition expressly formulated by four members of the section and directed to the President of the Section, and with copy to the President of the Association. In this case, a new election must be carried out at two times when the petition is formulated, in a meeting of the assembly of members of the section, expressly reunited for the purpose.

The assembly must be approved and informed of activities and financial information of the Commission that coordinates a section.

A committee consults with members by electronic mail or by other means for some decisions on important issues relating to your activity.

As meetings of the committee take place only a few years before, they are carried out by electronic media.

For all other functions relating to the operation of this section, you will be advised of our EDiLiC association statuses.

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