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The French commission of the EDILIC Association 

Appendix 2 of the internal regulations adopted at the General Assembly in Lausanne, July 5, 2010.


Title and goals

The French Commission of the EDiLiC Association takes the following name:
Multilingual Committee – French Commission of the international association EDiLiC
Its aim is to unite efforts aimed at pursuing, in France, the objectives of the association, as defined in article 2 of its statutes. To this end, the Commission's mission is to disseminate information in France concerning the association's activity and to use, in this country, the means of action that the association has set out in article 4. of its statutes.
She runs the Plurilangues website, intended for distribution and exchange.



Members of the EDiLiC association domiciled in France or having a professional activity in this country are members of the Commission and participate in decision-making concerning the choice of its managers, the choice of its activities and their financing.

The activities of the Commission are coordinated by a Bureau comprising 3 to 8 members. The Office must include a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, responsible for managing financial resources. It may include one Vice-President or several Vice-Presidents.

The members of the office share the functions of Representative within the EDiLiC International Committee and Responsible for the animation of the Plurilangues site.

Democratic functioning

The election of the Bureau takes place during an Assembly of members which is held every two years during the Congresses of the EDiLiC association. In the event of a request made by a quarter of the members and addressed to the President of the Commission with a copy to the President of the association, a new election may take place between Congresses, during an Assembly of members convened for this purpose within a period two months after the request is made.

The Assembly of Members has full decision-making and control rights regarding the activities and the financial report for which the Treasurer must request and obtain discharge.

The Bureau consults members electronically (Plurilanges website and/or e-mail) before any important question involving its activity. He informs them of his activities at least twice a year, through this same channel.

Bureau meetings – at least two per year – are normally held electronically. Face-to-face meetings may be held during other events.
For any other questions relating to operation, we will take the example of the status of the association.

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